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EZCat Shopping Cart

EZCat is a full-featured, very advanced “Selling Cart” solution for your products.  Over 3 years of constant development and hundreds of thousands of lines of code have gone into providing you with one of the most advanced systems for selling your inventory easily and conveniently online.

Many of our clients have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars up to millions of dollars of products using our system and have received many positive remarks from their clients and customers.

EZCat supports secure transactions so you can ensure your customers can rest easily when submitting their orders.

Works with UPS Online!Shipping costs and/or transit times are easily computed using real-time UPS shipping estimates (optional) so shoppers can get the actual shipping costs on their purchases and accurate delivery dates.

EZCat is 100% customizable with new features and ideas being implemented regularly.  The way we shop online changes all the time and how you sell your products may change as well.  We are always looking for great ways to enhance the system and make it work better for you!


Join the EZCat Club!  Our customers do not simply use our shopping system and walk away, they participate as a group to help ensure that EZCat will work tomorrow as well as it does today!

Quick Feature List:

  • Modern item display designs
  • Customizable item templates
  • Multiple levels of item organization (categories, groups, items, etc...)
  • Allows sending each item to different addresses (perfect for specialized gift companies)
  • Area for shoppers to include a card
  • Multiple levels of options (size, color, etc...)
  • Options can add to the price
  • Preview items prior to allowing purchase - shows customers what’s soon to be available.
  • Multiple images on each item (different views).
  • E-mail to friend link
  • Place the same item into multiple categories or sub categories.
  • Track inventory and be notified of shortages
  • Full search capabilities so customers can find their items quickly by text, price, date.
  • Custom designed reports available
  • Gateways to outside shopping systems available (to, Ebay, etc...)
  • Inventory of 10-10,000 items
  • Easily expandable to multiple database platforms as your traffic increases!
  • For a more complete list of features, visit our FEATURES page
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